Design with character

Firm lines, pronounced architecture, unambiguous design. From bold statements and contrasting features to slick finishes and monochrome designs, anything and everything is possible with the colour black. Whatever the environment, whatever the style; our BLACK collection helps create elegant, timeless and unique interiors.

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A subtle association of light and darkness  

Bringing light and darkness together. By merging seemingly opposite and mutually exclusive concepts in one, our black lighting profiles are the embodiment of a new hybrid to enhance interiors in unprecedented ways.

Haute Couture for the wall 

  • IL10 Black
  • IL11 Black
  • IL12 Black
  • FT2 Black
  • The IL10 BLACK skirting’s linear and simplistic design along with its soft black semi-mat finish help set the stage for characterful wall design. Light emerging from the top of the profile emphasizes walls and their composition. Natural materials such as wood, concrete or ashlar gain added dimension and a change in perspective with a parallel light source grazing the textured surfaces. Its simplistic nature also lends the profile a certain versatility; it can thus be installed in different directions and on other sections of the wall.

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  • Through its geometric features, sharp angular design and black finish all the way to the cor e of the element, the IL11 BLACK speaks for stability and modernity in skirting design. The diffusor integrated into the flank of the skirting provides the functional yet decorative element with a certain versatility enabling different lighting effects depending on its installation.

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  • As a reinterpretation of a classic motif, the Dorique wall panel is also perfectly suited to contemporary interiors. Light and shadows alternating along the vertical lines create an interplay of contrasts and sophisticated geometry.

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  • Cubic, robust and versatile. The FT2 BLACK serves as a reminder of the strengths of minimal design with a contemporary twist; the all-black finish. The uncomplicated and assured design makes this element appropriate for any room in any type of interior. As a fine and slick element, the black skirting can help create strong contrasts with brighter walls or bring a subtle balance to darker surroundings.

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The black diffusor is almost invisible when the LED lights are off and creates a completely different shade of light when they are on. By absorbing more light than its white variant, the black diffusor emits a uniform, soft light avoiding a clash of brightness with black profiles.

Fitted as standard with a black diffusor, the IL10, IL11 and IL12 BLACK profiles can also be provided with a white diffusor on demand for more intense and contrasting lighting effects.

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