Meeting up with Mirjana Mikulec, star of Croatian interior design

At NOËL & MARQUET, we are always excited to see what interior designers, painters and architects are up to and even more so when they are working their magic with our products. In this spirit, we headed to Zagreb, Croatia to meet up with renowned interior designer Mirjana Mikulec and find out about her work. Discover the full video here.

Not just an interior designer

Mirjana is a prominent public figure in the world of interior design, especially in her homeland Croatia, where she is also known for her presence on TV. Indeed, Mirjana hosts her own TV show, InDizajn, which has been broadcasted on national television for more than 10 years and deals with interior design topics, trends, renovating advice and much more. Mirjana is also at the head of one of country’s most successful interior design studios with many conceptual designs and projects in Croatia and abroad.

Zagreb at the heart of her inspiration

Mirjana’s love for her hometown Zagreb plays a major role in her creations. The city’s stunning historical core and vibrant modern districts as well as its green areas and closeness to the sea in an irresistible Mediterranean environment make it a true source of inspiration. At the crossroads between Eastern and Western influences, Zagreb harnesses the best of both worlds, producing a rich and diverse cityscape, characterised by an architectural blend of classical and contemporary, eccentric and esoteric.

Mirjana and her love of the NOËL & MARQUET products

When working, Mirjana obviously puts her clients wishes first but she also has her signature touch defined by a purity of expression combined with imaginative and quirky details. Mirjana likes to be rich and original, decorating with mirrors, wallpaper and of course, decorative profiles. In her playful and unique wall compositions, Mirjana abundantly designs with our skirtings, chair rails, cornices and other decorative elements to the point of it practically becoming her “trademark” as she says.

Mirjana’s home and interior style

Mirjana is so fond of the products that she has them cover nearly every wall in her own home; a space, she says, that truly reflects her tastes and design style. Wandering through the rooms, it is obvious that Mirjana is a big fan of classical panel moulding, here enabled with an interesting combination of chair rails. She also installed cornices in certain rooms to subtly add to that classic chic look. However, she puts a modern twist on the panel mouldings in certain spaces by combining them with colour or wallpaper to lend more playful attitudes to those wall compositions. This can also clearly be seen on her office premises, where she really gets creative combining chair rails with paint and wallpaper.

To find out more about Mirjana Mikulec and her great work with NOËL & MARQUET, take a look at our video or head to her website at

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