NMC and LUMINUS unveil one of the biggest photovoltaic installations in Wallonia

Luminus installed 6,816 solar panels on the premises of NMC at Eynatten. This installation was inaugurated on 10 September in the presence of Oliver Paasch, Minister-President of the German-speaking Community, and Hans-Dieter Laschet, Mayor of Raeren. It is one of the most important ground-mounted installations ever realised with private capital in Wallonia and fits in with Luminus‘ climate strategy and NMC’s global sustainable development policy.

Luminus installed 3,120 solar panels on a 1.4 ha site of NMC at Raeren in cooperation with Dauvister, ist subsidiary specialised in photovoltaic installations. An additional 3,696 solar panels were installed on the Roofs of four warehouses of the company, next to the 2,000 existing panels. This means that the site now has nearly 9,000 panels installed, representing a capacity of 1,250 kWp on rooftops and 1,000 kWp on the ground. The energy generated by these solar panels will be used entirely to cover the company’s own consumption. On the basis of 1,000 operating hours per year, the panels will cover 18% of the site’s total energy consumption (of 12,700 MWh/year).

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