WL6-2200 WALLSTYL® Design elements

Technical drawing

25,39 € / pc

The WL6-2200 WALLSTYL® is of a traditional style, making the perfect feature for living spaces. Subtle textures of the WL6-2200 enhance the classic feel of an interior, whilst harmoniously blending with other decor items. Each moulding measures 2.2 metres and is made for forming a door frame. The WL6-2200 pairs well with the WB3 WALLSTYL® plinth block und the FL5 WALLSTYL® skirting.

Advantages of WL6-2200 WALLSTYL® door frames:

  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Waterproof and humidity resistant
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Simple installation
  • Lightweight

Installation of the WL6-2200 WALLSTYL® door frame is fast and precise. The lightweight mouldings arrive smoothly primed and ready for painting.The durable and waterproof nature of the WL6-2200 WALLSTYL® door frame makes it an ideal addition to a busy home or professional environment, due to its resilient and easy-cleaning characteristics.

Product information

  • Dimensions 75 x 20 x 2200 mm
  • Packaging unit 44 m
  • SAP 3038733
  • EAN 5412938982399
  • Product type Door frames
  • 100% waterproof 100% waterproof
  • Shock resistant Shock resistant
  • Fully recyclable Fully recyclable
  • Primed and paintable Primed and paintable
  • For indoor use For indoor use
  • Dimensionally stable Dimensionally stable

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