BLACK – design with character

With the references IL10, IL11, IL12 and FT2 BLACK, we are pleased to present our BLACK collection. New decorative profiles in a black dress full of character.

The eternal trend for BLACK

Singular, strong and versatile, black is a colour that truly stands the test of time. Omnipresent in fashion, architecture, design and many other areas, black enables one to draw attention with sobriety while adding a precious touch of elegance and sophistication.

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In perfect harmony with the sanitary installations and decorative elements, the waterproof black skirting provides a subtle balance of colours and a crisp finishing touch

Pure and versatile elements for characterful decoration

For this collection, we have opted to reinterpret pure products featuring geometric and minimalistic designs. The real strength of this collection lies in the versatility and simplicity of the elements. The IL10, IL11, IL12 and FT2 are profiles with smooth, angular and simplistic surfaces, making them true all-rounders.

By using colour and light to play with space and depth, this staircase almost serves as an optical illusion marked by the bold contrast and angular design provided by the IL11 skirting.

A subtle association of light and darkness

LED light with black diffusor off / on

The IL10, IL11 and IL12 BLACK are fitted with a new black diffuser, specially developed for this collection. With the light off, the black diffuser is virtually invisible, ensuring a clean finish. When the LED strip is switched on, the diffuser has the advantage of distributing the light evenly, providing a soft, warm, dimmed light. For more intense lighting effects and increased contrast, the black profiles can also be fitted with white diffusers.

Through a low, floor-level installation, the IL10 seamlessly blends into this pure and modern space, where artificial and natural sources of light perfectly complement each other.

Strong technical and environmental features

The BLACK decorative profiles also display strong ecological credentials. Produced with 100% green energy, the profiles contain at least 30% of recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable. Like all other skirtings of the brand, the FT2 BLACK bears the German eco-label “Blauer Engel” as a product with low environmental impact.
All products of the BLACK collection can be found at NOËL & MARQUET retailers. Discover also the new BLACK catalogue, which is available for download on our website.

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