Showroom – Cube Interiors

Between modern and classic, understated and eccentric...

…these opposites live harmoniously alongside each other in the showroom at Cube Interiors. Thanks to their limitless creativity, they excel at the unusual use of decorative elements, creating an endless succession of ever more beautiful interiors.

Who is behind Cube Interiors?

The interior design agency, Cube Interiors, first saw the light of day in Belgium in 2008. The agency is the result of the collaboration between two Belgians: Olivier Colmant, a trained landscaper and interior designer, and Joffrey Moretti, the person responsible for coordinating projects. Over the years, the company has expanded and today has a number of offices in Europe.

Olivier and Joffrey’s main aim is to guide their clients throughout the whole process. From preliminary sketches to final execution, nothing is left to chance. This work requires them to work closely with interior designers, engineers and anyone else who becomes involved during the process. And to help their clients reinvent their interiors down to the final detail, Cube Interiors also sells custom-made furniture.

Having a definite taste for sheer finery, it comes as no surprise that Olivier and Joffrey turn to decorative elements from NOËL & MARQUET to make the walls of their home a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Living in a manor and a showroom at the same time

For this project created in conjunction with products by NOËL & MARQUET, they chose to design and fit out their house in Beersel, not far from Brussels in Belgium, which also doubles as a showroom.

Home is an elegant building that dates from the beginning of the 20th century. They decided to retain the original façade and totally renovate the whole of the interior to create an exquisite contrast between the traditional and the modern.

They elected to make the ambience and decoration of the house understated, modern and refined, while adding a touch of eccentricity through the unusual use of decorative elements from NOËL & MARQUET. In doing so, they have breathed new life into this old and venerable building.

A blend of modern and ornate designs feature prominently, right down to the selection of skirtings and mouldings, creating a perfect harmony that contributes towards producing the warm, welcoming atmosphere that pervades the house.

Wall ornaments like no other

From the bedrooms to the drawing room – and even the office – each room enjoys the adornments of products from NOËL & MARQUET. To create this effect, Joffrey and Olivier have used skirtings, wall panels, ceiling mouldings, chair rails and ceiling roses in ways that are totally out of the ordinary. Let’s talk about some of these rooms in more detail.

We’ll begin with the drawing room. To set off this living space, they opted to combine chair rails, ceiling mouldings and ceiling roses. All of them feature that touch of originality that the two men excel at. The Z41 ARSTYL®, WL7 WALLSTYL®, NE4 PURE NOMASTYL® and Z101 ARSTYL® mouldings, as well as the R6 ARSTYL® and R24 ARSTYL® ceiling roses, which are traditionally white, have been painted black. The effect is simply breathtaking. Cube Interiors also decided to decorate the walls of this lovely room, using Z10 chair rails combined with Z101 corner pieces to produce elegant ‘frames’ on the walls. This creates a charming contrast with the rest of the design.

Take a closer look at our Z101 ARSTYL®

For the staircase, Joffrey and Olivier have adorned the ceiling with LIQUID ARSTYL® 3D wall panels, with sublime wave patterns. As for the colour scheme, they have opted to continue along the same lines and also paint them matt black, making the ceiling almost voluptuous.

Elsewhere, in the kitchen, there’s a panel of chair rails placed on a wall… vertically! This group of chair rails creates an elegant wall decoration motif similar to stalactites.

Finally, there’s the way the bedrooms are decorated. And once again they have used chair rails from the WALLSTYL® and ARSTYL® series to create wall frames that emphasise the shapes of the frames to create superb graphics that link the walls to the ceiling.

More information about LIQUID ARSTYL®

Ceiling mouldings (Staircase, drawing room, office)

Ceiling roses (Bedrooms, drawing room)