Somista – coffee & wine bar

To antwerp for a coffee

The port city of Antwerp is considered the city of trendsetters in Belgium. Numerous pop-up stores and variegated cafés and restaurants make the art city a highlight for every creative, fashion-inclined and culture enthusiast. If you want to stand out in this trendy environment, you have to give your charm  free rein- and the Somista Coffee & Wine Bar has managed to do just that.

Enjoyment in a modern setting

In June, the time had finally come: Deborah D’Amico fulfilled her dream and opened her own little bar. In a modern and cosy atmosphere, she serves the best coffee, carefully selected wines and delicious tapas. Her love of lifestyle and beautiful things does not stop at the interior, so she has asked her long-time friend Anouk Taeymans to help her with the interior design of her gastronomic dream. After all, as a former assistant to the talented interior designer, Deborah knew exactly how vital a coordinated décor is to a successful and cosy indulgent oasis. Luckily for us, Anouk already knew exactly which decor elements to use to bring out the best in the charming location.

The design is in the details 

A great location needs subtlety. To bring out the exposed brickwork in the charming old building, Anouk opted for a special moulding: the IL10 WALLSTYL® light bar with integrated LED strip is a great addition to the design. The soft lighting transforms the “bare” walls into a highlight of the interior, conferring a warm and cosy atmosphere to the room.
To ensure a perfect finish for the light strips on the door frame, the WB3 WALLSTYL® door base provides a clean and timeless transition. In addition, the door frame is edged with our all-round talent WL6 WALLSTYL®, turning it into another decorative highlight.
In the smoothly plastered entrance area, the fine FL6 WALLSTYL® skirting board brings the desired simple and harmonious transition between wall and floor. The round, slightly asymmetrical shape of the skirting board thus blends perfectly with modern interior design.

As Charles Eames has already said, “The details are not the details, they make the design”. Anouk also chose this quote as a motto for this project. Skirting boards are often seen as a necessary “evil” of interior design. In Somista, however, the mouldings are a great addition to the design and showcase the components of the unique location in a special way.