Viennese charm: Interior designer “Gini” furnishes her vintage apartment with NOËL & MARQUET mouldings

“Whenever we have friends over, they always mention them – wow, your mouldings are fantastic” explains Angelina Dörfler. The interior designer and stylist comes from Munich. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she wondered where to continue her studies. Vienna was always on her radar, because her father is Austrian and she has family there. With its stylish old buildings, Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and fortunately, the university accepted her.


  • Photographer Stephan Offermann
  • Year 2022
  • Location Vienna
  • Type Apartment
  • Website Visit the website

At first, she never considered working in the interior design sector. Inspired by a bet with her sister to test an Instagram account for interior furnishings for a year, she created @interiorbygini. This account became a success very quickly, and was even shared by international media such as Elle Décoration. Meanwhile, Interior by Gini is now in Madrid, London and Berlin.

The living room in her new apartment in an old building presented her with a few challenges.

The 3.10 meter-high room room has a big white wall and appeared bare. “The living room had a huge, entirely white wall. I was really happy with it”. Even lamps, pictures, paintings, furniture and curtains could not make the room any more comfortable and cosy. One evening, she had the idea to revive the style of the old building with a  faithful design using mouldings. “That was the best idea. I was sure that the mouldings would be a perfect match. Internet research quickly led us to NOËL & MARQUET, and we immediately chose their mouldings”, explains the interior designer. She gathered suggestions from Pinterest and the website.

Universally usable mouldings from NOËL & MARQUET were used exclusively.

The slim moulding WL7 from the traditional range WALLSTYL® was installed on walls, radiators and window sills. The advantage of the polystyrene moulding is its lightness. Other distinguishing properties include high density, impact resistance and longevity, and it is easy to fit. “We were looking for a simple profile that does not stand out and fits with the rest of the apartment.” To achieve this, interior designer based her choice on the original doors, window sills and mouldings. The new mouldings had to have a similar profile to those already in situ in the rest of the apartment.

“There are many ways to install mouldings. It was important for me to plan room-dividing mouldings, which would split the wall in a 2/3 ratio. In this way, the upper section is higher and the middle moulding stops over the sofa, giving the room a relaxed design. That was my clear vision.” A 10-15cm gap between mouldings is recommended, and this worked very well.

The before-after effect was impressive. The wall had a completely different effect, the large, white wall space was finally split up.

“That was the best decision in this apartment. The other things, such as furniture, can be replaced, but I will never change the mouldings. They define the character of the apartment”, resumes Angelina Dörfler, alias Interior by Gini.

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