We assume responsibility

As a family-owned company, NMC has always been aware of its responsibility for future generations. And this awareness for energy efficiency, sustainability and climate protection has meant that every step in the development, production and sale of NOËL & MARQUET design elements is checked and optimised:

  • Energy from our own photovoltaic system and 100% green energy
  • Our own recycling facility ensures nearly 100% recycling of waste
  • Closed water circuits minimize consumption
  • NMC sa has the ISO 14001 certification – the international standard for environmental management systems
  • BREEAM product declaration for all NOËL & MARQUET products (ARSTYL®, WALLSTYL®, NOMASTYL®)

Bee colonies

In spring 2020, we accommodated two bee colonies at the Eynatten production site. Our employees could actively take part in building and the maintenance of the beehives and were thereby educated on the importance of biodiversity and the protection of insects. The honey harvest concluded this year´s bee season in end of August. We were able to harvest 12 litres of honey that were distributed to the volunteers who helped to take care of the bees.


To ensure that our bees and other insects have enough nourishment to survive, we have planted wildflower meadows on over 9500 m² of our production site in Eynatten. We do not mow the wildflower meadows to allow the weeds to seed again in the area next year.


Trees are an important habitat and a rich food source for insects and wild birds. That is why we have planted 17 new and mostly native trees, such as apple trees, plum trees and pear trees. These new trees join the substantial existing tree population at the Eynatten production site.


Thanks to our long-running efforts in terms of biodiversity and sustainability, many animal species live at our Eynatten site. With a little bit of luck, employees can observe for instance deer, wild geese, Eurasian jays or wild boars on site.

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